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Quriky KH


Posted on 2007.07.10 at 02:59

I don’t normally post about my “real life” over here, but meh, it’s been months since I wrote or drew or anything in here, so, I’m giving an update as to what’s going on. I do live. I do occasionally get to write. I do draw … a lot, actually. Just not much fandom stuff at the moment.

 It’s just that I’ve entered the lovely senior year at my college (Westwood Online) and they own me now. *lol* Well, at least it feels that way.

 I’m a computer animation major, and the terms are a nice fastpaced 9 weeks long and some terms I have 14 credit hours plus I work. Sooo, yeah… I have ideas for fics and fanart, just hard to get the time to do them right now. My current term has me in a 2D Animation course as well as a Game Design class which has me building up a playable video game. Which is cool and yet, I have to say, the combined power of 3DS Max and the Unreal Editor is a little intimidating at first.

 On the bright side, soon I’ll be back (hopefully graduate in December... FINALLY) and I’ll have interesting new ways to present fandom things! (like fanfic, fanart, flash animations, amvs, etc.)

There’s been a Gaara amv (from the anime Naruto) that I’ve been wanting to make for a while now and Naruto: Shippuuden is finally getting close to the episodes that I’ve been wanting before I try to make it. Never actually made one (although I have the programs that I could try) like AfterEffects, but I’ve never had an idea that I liked enough to actually take the time to do it. Soon, I shall. :)

'Tis all for the moment. At least other than the FMA and Naruto manga right now are both really good right now and I'm working on reading some more of Bleach manga, which I'm also loving right now... the spot I'm at on it is utterly awesome (although I can't say where, since I'm a little ahead of wizefics. )

Manga and anime keep me sane through the school stuff. *lol*

EDIT: shikach0u, for the fanart50, could I do flash animations or other digital media that I'm learning about for the prompts, or just illustrations? I don't remember. *brain dead*

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